Quick Guidelines For Checking Pan Status Online

Track Permanent Account Number status here with following the guidelines by us. It is very difficult task to go to the office and again and again here the obligations of Government office. We are going to make your pathway easy by showing how to get utiPan Card latest status online. You can check whether it is pending, active, couriered anything related to Pan Card status. First let us show you what is Pan Card and why it if compulsory?

What is Pan Card

Pan Card is crafted for the easy move of financial procedure. It is a ten digit photo laminated card used to track everyone’s financial transaction. If you are tax payer then it will show all your transaction details at once you enter your pan Card no. it is compulsory number for the business tycoons either they are residing in India or not, but must owned card for business deals in India.

Know your Pan Card Status Delivery Online

How To Check Your Pan Card Status

IT department have facilitates this procedure to the UTITSL branch. UTI has opened the branches in every state of India. Step ahead they have opened the site, which allows the user to do the online registration of new Pan Card or reprint of Pan Card. if you want to change name or address in the card you can do the same procedure with this site. Now let us show you the guidelines if you don’t obtain Pan Card since long time passed.

  • First open the official site
  • Now click on the bold Pan Card Status sentence
  • Here you will be followed one form
  • Enter ditto to ditto spellings of name your enter in the submission form
  • Write date of birth
  • Write acknowledgement no/ Coupon No/ Pan Card no, if you have any
  • Now enter and click on submit button
  • Here you will be availed with your actual position of your Pan Card running process. If you found that your process is stopped for any reason find the reason from the state office. If your Pan Card is delivered find the consignment no and get your Pan Card.

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