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Diwali – Recall Of The Love To The nation

Celebration of Diwali is something that makes the entire India stand united, where the Indians share a great time by sharing happiness and joy and good luck among each other. This is such a festival that again reminds the Indians that sharing of joy and prosperity is the key to increase them, even in the time of super western influence on the culture of the nation.

Not only that, the celebration of this festival brings tears in the eyes by thinking the simple try of the dear ones to make him happy at different times and phases of life, brings a smile to think about the cute moments in the childhood days, when the elder ones and the younger ones gave their entire life for the happiness of him and the other dear ones and makes the mind heavy by thinking about those persons who have always searched for a better life by means of making their own life devoted for others glory.

Happy Diwali

The heart fills with a proud sound from inside that, this is India and this specialty of the Indians. The mind makes promises to itself that it will never again think that India is good because of its economy or the defense, it is the best nation of the world for the culture she bears with her. This sound goes up in the form of the flying objects in the night sky and makes the fireworks for the Diwali.

Feel the pride again

Diwali is the festival which is one of the oldest festivals of the nation and is the festival which reminds the love and the affection of the people who loved him because they loved to love him. It is the festival to see the nation back with its rich culture and it is again the festival to understand that this is a nation where the underlying truth of the culture is the selfless love and thus feel proud to be a person of the nation. The heart goes again above the brain and then the person understands again that lights of the Diwali is to enlighten the heart and not the room only. For Diwali decoration ideas visit happydiwaliblog!

Express the pride by sounds and lights

It is the time of the year, when a person feels again and again the pride to be a person of this nation, this culture, where the material possessions is giving less preference than the basic needs of life and the Dhanteras is celebrated for that reason only. The mind feels the awesome culture and its great strength when he or she understands that what a nation, it was, where the subject rejoices to get back their prince.

How much love the prince may have given them that made them create a festival which is continuing from that time to this time after traversing a phase of thousands of years. The mind then understands that the crackers and the fireworks are thus nothing else to rejoice, but the pride itself. it is the pride to be born as Indian, it is the pride to be born in a nation , who carries this type of selfless loving culture.