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The Beauty Of Mehendi Designs And Its Secrets

The professional may charge you a lot for the services of Mehendi designs, the reason for that is the professional can make almost everything on your palm or the whole hand. The professional Mehendi designers have a secret with which they can manage to create tremendous designs.Mehendi designs look beautiful if they are designed on both the hands. One of the areas that you need to get constant improvement is the balance. The design on one hand should be similar to the design on the other hand. The balance can only be possible if you follow the designing rules. Traditional designs are very common, you can also take the help from the books in which there are different ways discussed. The Mehendi designs are made in phases. In the first phase you can start the inner portion of the design.

Beauty Of Mehendi Designs

Unlike the drawing art, you cannot rub the design because Mehendi is said to be a type of dye that colorizes the skin only in a few minutes. With the passage of time the color gets darker and darker depending upon the quality and the mixture. There are different qualities that have a different impact in terms of colors, always ask for a superior quality of the powder. If you don’t want to prepare the mixture you can also use ready-made cone available. The advantage of using the cone is that you can have the accuracy of the design, the needle like opening help designers to draw designs with as much precision as they want. To get the prominent design, a design must be allowed to have some time. The time frame for that could be from few minutes to few hours depending upon the quality.

Sometimes the designs are also extended to the portion of the hand. The wrist portions may also be included in the design, but the link between the flowers, diamonds, lines and leaves should be precise. Talking about the both hands means, you need to apply the same sort of design to the other hand as well, failing to draw the same design means it will not be attractive to the viewer’s especially to a person having it. One of the secrets that designers have in their design is the individuality, there is thought involved behind the designing. “Mehendi designs can be made perfect with only a simple practice. Take a blank page and trace your hand onto the paper. Using the paper you can draw anything you like, once you are sure that you have practiced enough, the same design can be applied onto the hands”, says Gayathri of New Mehndi Designs. Designers always try different designs onto the paper by tracing the hands so that they can come up with something different.